Prusa Mini (+) USB and powerswitch extension upgrade

Prusa Mini (+) USB and powerswitch extension upgrade - Levendigs


Which parts do you need?

*Not necessary, but it's nice to have.


Here are step by step instructions for the installation of the upgrade. If you prefer video instructions, you can find a great video made by Colin Hill here.

Step 1

  1.  Remove the cable from the screen.
  2. Unscew the screw holding the printer part to the frame.

Step 2 

  1. Remove the 4 screws holding the display.
  2. Remove the display from the printed part, you don't need the printed part anymore.

Step 3

  1. Remove the screw shown on the picture.
  2. Press where the yellow arrows are to remove the lid

Step 4

  1. Remove the powercables.
  2. Remove the powerswitch, you need te press where the yellow arrows point to, then you can pull/push it out. 

Step 5

  1. Insert the Powerswitch Extension cable.
  2. Put the extension cable through the same hole as the display cable.
  3. Pull then entire cable through the hole. 

Step 6

  1. Put the lid back on the electronics housing.
  2. Take the printed closing clip (make sure the breakaway support is removed) and put it in the hole. 

Step 7

  1. Insert the USB cable and fasten the 2 screws.
  2. Insert the powerswitch (don't connect the wires yet)

Step 8 

  1. Put all the cables through the backcover.
  2. Attach the display holder (frontplate) to the printer.
  3. Click the backplate into place.

Step 9

  1. Put the USB Extension cable in the USB port of the printer.

And... You've finished!

All you need to do now, is enjoy your super conveniënt 3D printer without reaching to the back :)


1 thought on “Prusa Mini (+) USB and powerswitch extension upgrade

Chris Shaker

Just received your USB port and switch extension kit, but I do NOT yet see a link to the plastic parts that I have to print for it???
Chris Shaker

October 30, 2023 at 19:44pm

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